Monday, January 27, 2014

Swig Sugar Cookies

I have to admit I am addicted to Pinterest...I know, sad but true!  I spend lots of time browsing through all the pins and finding some pretty interesting things!  These cookies caught my eye because they were so unique and quite pretty!  

Swig is a little snack and drink drive-thru in St George, Utah and according to the pinterest peeps this cookie is a to-die-for cookie.  Evidently it is a destination that you definitely don't want to miss if you are any where near. You are suppose to order a cookie and a dirty Coke (whatever that is!)

So I decide to give these cookies a try.  They are extremely easy to make...taking no time at all.  The cookie is a shortbread cookie and the frosting is your standard powdered sugar frosting but it has a little twist....there is sour cream in it...sounds yummm...right?  
They actually are not suppose to be frosted until they are ready to be are to have a cold cookie and room temp frosting. They say it is the best sugar cookie ever!

  Unfortunately I can't taste them so I won't know first hand how they are, I will have to rely on the reviews of my family and co-workers.  

Well if they are as good as they look...I might be on to something.

                                        I will let you know what they all think!
Until then,


These cookies were a hit!  Everyone loved them!