Sunday, September 14, 2014

Candy Bar Cookies: Baked Sunday Mornings

 We are winding down our recipes from the Baked Elements Cookbook and only have 6 more to go!  I personally have not baked through the entire book like some of my fellow bakers here have, but the recipes that I have participated in have been wonderful!  
This one is no exception.  

I am an admitted chocoholic so these outrageously chocolatey cookies suited me just fine!  You have a chocolate cookie dough that is wrapped around a piece of a candy bar of your choice, (I chose Mounds, Snickers and Simply Caramel) baked them then dipped them in dark chocolate. The cookies with the Mounds bars worked the best the caramel in the other bars oozed out of the cookies making them flatter and misshapen...but they 
still tasted really good!

Grab a nice cold glass of milk and make up a batch of these little beauties.  They have a thumbs up from me!

The recipe is here
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