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I'm Chelly, the west side baker, I love to create tasty food to share with my family and friends.  Welcome to my blog!  Please stay and browse through my recipes 

I grew up on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio home of Busken Bakery, Aglamesis Brothers and Skyline Chili and lived there for a majority of my life.  Twelve years ago, I met my wonderful husband and a few years ago I moved just west of Cincinnati in a little po-dunk town in southeastern Indiana.  It has been a quite an adjustment living in a rural enviroment...I am a city girl at heart, not much of a country girl.  While I am learning to love the beautiful farmland scenery and peacefulness of country life, I am missing all the conveniences of city dwelling...I call it my Green Acres complex! 

Baking has always been a passion of mine and I hope you are inspired by some of the recipes I post.  I have never gone to culinary school or taken any kind of cooking class.  What I know I have learned from my Mom or my Nana or just from that good old trial and error thing we call mistakes!  I grew up in an Italian family where sharing food is like sharing love.  Everything centered around the kitchen and it still does to this day, we all migrate towards the kitchen when we get together.  I can remember laughing, singing and dancing in our kitchen with my Mom and my sisters...we had such a grand time!  I embrace those memories and hold them close to my heart.

When my Nana came to visit she was in the kitchen almost the entire duration of her visit, cooking up wonderful things, and I was right there soaking up everything I could, hoping that one day I would be able to cook like her. I have posted 2 of her recipes Little Italian Cookies and Nana's Blueberry Cake. I am sure there will be more to come.  I also want to try some recipes from my other Grandmother...she passed before I was born so I never got to spend time with her but my Mom has shared her memories and recipes. 

I have been baking along with two online baking groups, The Avid Bakers Challenge (ABC) and Baked Sunday Mornings.  I am more apt to try things I would not normally try and I love to see how everyone else did with the challenge.  All the recipes that you will find here are from my cookbook collection, other food blogs, family recipes, magazines and cooking shows.  I have recipes that are tried and true and others that are recipes that I have had laying around forever and always wanted to try.  I hope some of them will make you want to get out in the kitchen and rattle to pots and pans!! 

I am a novice photographer and do all my own photography. I am hoping to learn more about photographing food and creating some tempting photos to display here.  I have lots to learn but I do have a good time with it.

If you have a question about a specific recipe please leave a comment in that post.  I will try to answer it as soon as I can.

For any other inquiries or if you live in the greater Cincinnati area and would like me to bake something for you....let me know!


And as Always........


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