Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bale Bars: Baked Sunday Mornings

I have been MIA from the baked group lately!  
Thought that I would get back into the swing of things with the easy recipe.  I assume these are called Bale bars because they resemble bales of hay?  Whatever!  Well, they were easy and there was no baking involved...always feel like I am cheating when I don't have to bake! Just had to do some chopping, melting, pressing and chilling.  Easy Peasy!   Peanuts and pretzels are covered with a white chocolate, caramel, peanut butter mixture then pressed into a pan and chilled until firm.  I had extra white chocolate so I did a little drizzle. 

 I had the same problem some of the other bakers bars were very crumbly.  I don't know if it is because I halved the recipe and didn't calculate right?  Not really sure.  But I think that maybe the recipe has too much crunchy stuff and not enough sticky stuff.  They look alright and I tasted a small corner and they taste very peanut buttery.  We will see what the rest of the family thinks!

Well they are! 
Recipe here
Until next time!


  1. Ooooh, I love how they look with white chocolate drizzled over the top!

  2. Glad you're back!! It is nice to come back to an easy recipe...better to ease back in. Bars look beautiful with the white chocolate drizzle.

  3. They look very elegant with the drizzle on top!

  4. Your bars look beautiful!!!!
    Well done!!

  5. Wow, those look delicious!

  6. These definitely look better with a little striping from chocolate over the top. I *almost* did the same with some dark chocolate... :)


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