Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another season...another reason...for makin whoopie!

Baked Sunday Mornings is makin' whoopie (pies)!!  This treat is believed to have been started by the Amish in Pennsylvania.  It is said that the Amish women made these sandwich cake-cookies from left-over cake batter and put them in their husbands' lunch boxes.  They were so excited when they saw what their wives packed for them they yelled out "Whoopie!".   We have a good population of Amish in Indiana....and let me tell you, I holler out "Whoopie!" everytime I eat anything they bake!  Gotta love Amish baked goods.  I can't pass up the Amish hand pies at a local farmers market...they are soooo good!  I digress...back to the whoopie pies...gotta love Baked Explorations!  Each recipe I have made from this cookbook has turned out perfectly and these chocolate whoopie pies are no exception. 

I made a swiss buttercream raspberry with mini chocolate chip filling for mine to make them valentine suitable and besides raspberry and chocolate are one of my favorite flavor combinations.  This was fun.  I loved the way these little chocolate cake- cookies tasted.  The swiss buttercream was was my first making it... I guess I am more of just a regular old buttercream girl.  Check out what the other Baked Sunday Morning Bakers did here.  Maybe you will be inspired to make a batch yourself!

I can definitely see more whoopie pies in my future! 


  1. Chelly....I LOVE your raspberry and chocolate chip filling! It really makes them special for Valentine's Day! There is an Amish market every weekend where I live here in Maryland and you are right...everything they bake is wonderful! And I agree with you...for whoopie pies....I like a more traditional buttercream, too! Your whoopie pies look great! : )

    1. Oh...and I've had that song in my head all day! : )

  2. Great idea to do raspberry chocolate chip! As soon as I saw your filling I thought - oooh, I wonder how cacao nibs would taste. Your cakes are so pretty.

  3. Beautiful, Chelly! I agree - chocolate & raspberry is a winning combination!

  4. Love the chocolate raspberry combo. Hubby grew up in Amish country and I know what you mean about their baked serious pie baking began with their inspiration many years ago. I loved the cookie part of this recipe. I also love all the fillings and frostings from the Baked boys...they excel in this department...however, the buttercream with this chocolate was too buttery, it that is possible...because I'm a butter lover...but this cake-cookie needs a different filling. Maybe with the raspberry flavor it worked better, but it overpowered my chocolate. Nice post.

  5. I love how you adapted the filling to fit the season and your taste buds. A raspberry filling with chocolate sounds just delicious!

  6. Mmmmmm... raspberry and chocolate, one of my favorite flavor combinations. I'll bet these were fabulous, I really want to try one right now!

  7. Chocolate and raspberry is one of my favorite combinations. I can't wait to try these. Yours look awesome.

  8. the chocolate raspberry combo is a great idea! your whoopies look great!


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