Sunday, April 3, 2011

ABC: Zebra Cookies

This cookie recipe was selected for our April challenge.  Cake flour, butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and cocoa are mixed together to make a light, delicate, melt in your mouth, buttery cookie.  The two doughs were rolled and stacked then formed into logs and gently twisted until the chocolate and vanilla dough were nicely marbled. It was straighforward and simple to do and took under an hour to make the dough. I worked my dough on parchment paper so when it came time to transfer the logs to a baking sheet to chill I just lifted the kept the logs in tact and made it really easy.  Once the logs chill you just need to slice and bake.  The recipe makes alot of cookies!!!  Flo says that the logs freeze nicely then you can slice and bake when you want!!   A nice little cookie to have with a glass of milk or cup of coffee or tea. 

 This recipe is on page 276

They look so pretty...don't ya think?

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  1. Another delicious morsel to make my mouth water. I could never survive on this diet if I was exposed to all this goodness.

  2. Hi Chelly - what pretty swirls you got! I really like the nonpareils too. I forgot to add them, but they do make them look a lot more posh :)

    I love them presented with that gorgeous napkin too!

  3. I love the swirls!!! And I liked the taste and texture too!


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