Sunday, December 18, 2011

Belly up to the Bar

Chubby Hubby Bars

I have been quite obsessed with Pinterest lately...So many good ideas and good looking recipes.   That is where I found these bars and brownies.  My husband needed something to bring into work to share, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to try these tempting recipes.  They were good!  The Chubby Hubby bars were really delicious with the nice caramel layer and the rich layer of chocolate....I loved the pretzles in the dough. It has a nice salty-sweet thing going on.  The Slutty Brownies were just over the top!  The recipe suggested that you serve them with ice cream....oh yeah!  That is exactly what needs to be done!!  They are like chocolate lava brownies....very decadent
and super easy!

If you want to see what interests me on Pinterest click here
Be forewarned, it is addictive!

Slutty Brownies

They were both very easy to put together. Just click the pictures for the recipe.  Try them sometime!

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