Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oopsy Daisy Cake: Baked Sunday Mornings

 This cake is in the Baked Elements cookbook.  The chocolate cake has milk chocolate, dark cocoa and a bit of coffee in it.  Between the chocolate cake layers is  a peanut butter filling with peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar and it is frosted with a lightly peanut butter flavored buttercream. 

Not too sure why it is called Oopsy Daisy but it looks real good and was not at all difficult to make.  Most importantly of all, I think I finally conquered the Baked buttercream!  It finally came out nice and smooth...Yay me!

I made this for my step son's we have not cut into it yet.
I hope it is as good as it looks!

I will post some pictures of a cut piece when we dig in!
Until then!


  1. Awesome cake! So glad you had success with the buttercream too! It is so exciting when it turns out! Great job!!!

  2. Congrats on the buttercream! Amazing job with the cake, and I loved that u decorated it with chopped peanut butter and chocolate candies! Yum!

  3. Love the miniature peanut butter cup decor -- beautiful and delicious... and your buttercream looks perfect!

  4. Just beautiful, Chelly! I'm sure he loved it!

  5. I love the chopped up peanut butter cups as a garnish!


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