Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crusty Apple Hand Pies: ABC

Apple is one of my very most favorite flavor of pie.  And one with a good crust is even better!  The recipe for this pie was for a full size free form kinda pie sans the pie pan.  We were hosting our annual pig roast so I decided to make the recipe into individual hand pies.  

The result was lovely!  A nice cinnamon spiced apple filling,  I just wish there was a little more in each one.

 Butter and cream cheese were cut into the flour making the 
most beautiful crust... 

Flaky and tender

and good to the last bite!

A beautiful step by step tutorial for this pie here.
See what the other bakers did here.

Next up for the ABC bakers are Cinnamon-Swirl Pumpkin Rolls.


  1. How adorable with that cute little apple cut out in the centre! I would have preferred more filling as well but I think recipe is a keeper.

  2. this is so pretty, small pies with that apple in the middle. Yes I agree, we want more filling.

  3. Making these into little hand pies is a good idea! That way, you would have those lovely crust all around! Haha! Definitely more filling, the next time!

  4. Wow look at the beauties!! They look adorable, almost too good to eat :-)

  5. What a great idea to make these into little hand pies. They're adorable! This recipe is definitely a keeper, especially the crust.


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