Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gonzo Cake: Baked Sunday Mornings

It has been an age since I have baked 
along with my Baked Sunday Mornings friends...but I just 
couldn't resist giving this purple velvet cake a go.  
Well maybe a dull greyish kinda!  
I guess I needed 
a little more food coloring. 

I halved the recipe and made a cute little cake and the lavender is so lovely out in my garden that I decided to put a few sprigs on top...I know it is a little deceiving because there is no lavender flavor in the cake, but pretty, right?

This cake has purple yam powder in it....yes, you read it right...purple yam powder.  I got mine from Amazon, although I probably could have found it at Jungle Jim's...but that is on the other side of God's I opted to order it...and it came just in time!

I think my cake turned out a bit dense, but it still had a nice flavor...not sickeningly sweet and the cream cheese frosting complimented it nicely.

It was nice to once again bake along with the BSM group!  Missed you guys!

Next up is Everyone's Favorite Birthday Cake...that falls right on my husbands birthday, so I will probably be baking along with that one!!!
Til then

Recipe posted here


  1. So pretty, Chelly! I love the lavender, too. I'll be making mine today.

  2. Welcome back! I love the shape of your cake and the pretty pastel purple!

  3. I think your cake is beautiful. My cake has turned out on the denser side both times I made it; I think that's how it's supposed to be.

    Yay, you're back!

  4. Looks great! I love the loaf cake idea!

  5. Love your cake shape, it looks so pretty.

  6. Love the rectangle shape and your lavender garnish. Glad to know that this works halfed-the whole recipe was a lot of cake. Hope your husband loves his birthday cake.

  7. Beautiful-- I love this shape! It's great to know that the cake works as a loaf as well as cupcakes, thanks to Sheri's. Mine was dense too, but I think it's meant to be.


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