Thursday, December 3, 2015

Double Chocolate French Macarons: ABC

I simply love macarons.  I am getting better each time I make them....but still have not perfected them.  I am a stubborn old gal, so I am not giving up!  The ABC bakers had a macaron challenge last month.  We are baking from Scientifically Sweet a blog by Christina Marsigiliese.  I tried this recipe about a few weeks ago and it was a total macarons had no feet!  I have never made a macaron that did not have feet!  So I gave it another shot I got feet, but they were just a little flat.  Oh well, like I said, I will persist.  I will give it another shot another day.

All in all, flat...with feet or without they are all soooo delicious. 

The recipe for these macarons is here

Until next time
Be sweet



  1. They look great, Chelly! And they have feet! I'm glad you were persistent and that you gave these another try. I loved this chocolate variation.
    Btw, I manually a link to your blog post to the ABC site :)


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