Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Triple Rum Black Pepper Cake

This week the baked group is baking rum cakes....this is not your ordinary rum cake, it has a little twist to pepper!  When I first saw the name of this cake I thought, pepper?  After thinking it over I came to the conclusion that black pepper might just be a very interesting taste sensation to this lovely little rum cake.  

So I jumped right in and gave it a try!    This cake has quite a bit of rum in it...some in the cake, then in the syrup that is soaked into the cake and then in the glaze that goes on the cake. I quartered the recipe because I don't need a big old rum cake laying around the kitchen (my evil twin will surely come out to taunt me with it!)  I have a cute little bundt pan that was just the right size.

The cake wasn't too boozy...After all the rum I had my doubts, but it was just the right amount.  The black pepper was there but not overpowering at all.  This cake is incredibly delicious!

  The recipe is found here.  And you can see all the other gorgeous cakes the other bakers did here.
Give it a try.

Be sure to check back next Sunday to see what the Baked Sunday Morning Bakers have up their sleeve!

Until then...


  1. How adorable is your little bundt pan? Your Cake looks perfect in every way!

  2. Your cake looks great. Fantastic pics!! Great job!

  3. Sarah took the words right out of my mouth -- little Bundts = totally adorable! The consistency of your glaze looks perfect!

  4. Wonderful tiny cake, this was a fabulous recipe!

  5. Beautiful job, Chelly! I loved loved loved this cake-- unexpectedly! I too was surprised how well the rum and pepper worked. Good call on the mini Bundt-- I should look into that... my evil twin makes frequent appearances... ;-)


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