Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ABC Evie Lieb's Processor Challah

My first ABC challenge effort went very well!  I did not have a dough hook for my food processor, and since I had the dough hook for my Kitchen Aid mixer, I used that instead.  The recipes in this Flo Braker cookbook are so easy to follow...it is almost like she is standing right next to you helping you along.  I have never made Challah bread, infact it has been years since I have made any kind of yeast bread. My house smelled glorious!!!  I found this recipe to be fairly quick and very easy.  I was worried about the braiding.....but it was a piece of cake!  I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next challenge! Oh and by the way, the bread was as good as it looks

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  1. What a beautiful loaf, Chelly. I love the double braiding you did. And you say, you haven't baked bread in years?? Well, you sure haven't lost "your touch". Great job! And once again, welcome to ABC!! :o)


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