Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ABC Old World Braided Coffee Cake

This months Avid Bakers Challenge offering is a braided coffee cake.  I was a bit nervous about this one, never have made a braided coffee cake before and wasn't really envisioning the process of it all.  After reading the recipe over and over and finding a few tutorials online about how to braid a coffee cake, I felt a little better about giving it a shot.  Everything went well, it was actually very easy.  Mine turned out a bit rustic but nice and brown and quite tasty!  I love this cookbook!!  Looking forward to next months challenge. 

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  1. Your loaf came out really nice! The cake looks so light and airy and I love the filling peeping out in the top photo.

  2. Very pretty coffee cake, Chelly. Great job on the braiding (can't believe it's your first time). But even more importantly, it delivered on taste. Flo did it again :o)

  3. How beautiful, looks too good to cut into...it sure is picture perfect and I would love to have had a taste.

  4. Rustic as in haphazardly shaped? No way! It looks so very good!


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