Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Favorite Buttermilk Cake: ABC

This cake recipe is a keeper!  The cake is moist and delicious.  I made cupcakes and topped them with what was suppose to be caramel topping but it turned out to be more of a praline-like topping.  It was quite delicious.  Although this cake would be wonderful with fruit and  a little whipped cream.  Heck, I think it would be wonderful with whatever you chose to do with it! 

This was another great recipe from Baking for All Occasions by Flo Braker.  I am anxious to see what the other bakers in this group did.  If you are curious too....just click here

I will definitely make this cake again!
Recipe here

Happy baking!


  1. Ooooh cupcakes! Yours turned out really cute. I briefly considered doing cupcakes but then got lazy and made a 9" round cake instead. I love the crumb on your cupcakes much better than mine. I'll have to bake this cake again! And I agree, this cake is very versatile. I served mine with macerated strawberries.

  2. Looks delish!!! Didn't think to do cupcakes. A perfect excuse to make this again. :)


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