Sunday, June 5, 2011

Orange Creamsicle Tart: Baked Sunday Mornings

Creamy delicious goodness with a flavor that reminds you of days gone by.  This tart has orange flavoring in the crust, filling and topping!!  It was an all day event to make though....but looks like it was worth it.

Please stop by and see what the other Sunday Mornings bakers did and get the recipe here.

Until next time...and if just for a second remember the innocence of your childhood and the hot summer days that you had an orange creamsicle bar dripping down your shirt and you didn't care!


  1. love that first pic! beautifully set up!

  2. Hi, Chelly! Your tart looks great, too! I agree - 1st photo is great! And I love your blog background photos as well!

  3. Hope tasted as good as it looked. Yummy!!

  4. Beautiful tart! Your tart edges are so straight. Great job! I love oranges so I'm about to check out the link to see the recipe :o)

  5. I love your first photo with that scale, Chelly! Your tart definitely looks like all the work was worth it!


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