Sunday, January 6, 2013

Malted Milk Chocolate Pot de Crème : Baked Sunday Morning

I was really happy to see that the Baked group was slotted to make these lovely Pot de Crème this week because of my love for malt and because I have never made Pot de Crème ! So it was a new and pleasant experience for me. I was amazed at how easy they were to make...hey, no sweat!

I absolutely love malt flavor!  Chocolate malts are a must have from our local United Dairy Farmer fact, I craved them when I was pregnant with my son 34 years ago. Gotta love the hot fudge chocolate malts from UDF!  So it has been a life long love affair!  This did not disappoint!  It was so delicious and creamy and just the right amount of malt!

This recipe from Baked Elements, called for 5 egg yolks!
So what do you do with all the egg whites you had left over from this recipe???  You make macarons!  Another love of mine....and chocolate malt macarons sound scrumptious! 

I feel so french today...pot de crème and macarons! 
Oui, oui! 
(I know, it's hopeless, I am such a dork!)



  1. Love the macaroon idea! I bet they were delicious. Your look so creamy and delicious.

  2. your pots de crème look divine! and those macarons! i froze my egg whites so i could make macarons at a later date. i've never made chocolate ones, but after seeing yours... i think i must!

  3. WOW, macarons! What a great idea!

  4. Oh my! I thought your pics were fantastic!! It all looks so good. And then to make macarons too!! That is fabulous! And they look yummy. Great job. I will have to try and make macarons some day. (but they look a little intimidating)

  5. Beautiful the macaron idea...I was thinking about coconut macaroons...I froze the whites and will bake the cookies this week, but now you've got me thinking about another good idea. Nice photos and enjoyed your post. Well done.

  6. I love the idea of using the leftover whites to make macaroons too!

  7. Wow, everything looks so mouth-watering! I too am so impressed that you just whipped up macarons-- they are not easy. I totally have macarons on the brain right now because I just got back from France, and the thought crossed my mind to make some with the egg whites, but then I realized that I don't have a whole day to devote to making and (inevitably) re-making them. ;-) Are you willing to share your recipe for Chocolate Malt Macarons?? That sounds A-MAZING. *drool*

    1. Thanks so much! I will add the link to this reply. I did add malt powder to the macaron as well as the filling. That is the only thing that I did differently. Have fun!


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