Saturday, June 28, 2014

Banana Whoopie Pies with Milk Chocolate Swiss Meringue: Baked Sunday Mornings

We are makin' whoopie this week!  ;)  Whoopie pies that is!  I am going to my nieces graduation party this afternoon so I thought that I would make these today and bring them along so everyone could enjoy these little treats!  I wouldn't have made them otherwise.  Don't need sweets hanging around in my kitchen right now!  These were really easy to make.  I was a little worried about the Swiss Meringue but it came together like a charm! 

The cake/cookie part was a much more fluffy than I thought they would be but they were delicious and the banana came through and complimented the milk chocolate filling very nicely!

These are good!
They all raved about the milk chocolate Swiss Meringue!  These were a hit! Everyone loves whoopie pies!

recipe here
So get busy and make some whoopie! 



  1. I was scared to make the swiss meringue filling because I didn't like the one I made before for the chocolate whoopie pies in Baked Explorations. But to my surprise it turned out really well!

  2. Very cute! Mine weren't very banana-y, I think perhaps the bananas weren't ripe enough. But I did enjoy them and will make them again.


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