Friday, July 4, 2014

Strawberry-filled Angel Food Cake: ABC

I was really excited when I saw this cake up on the Avid Bakers Schedule.  This angel food cake recipe reminded me of a cake that my Mom would make me almost every birthday I had when I was a girl. 

She would use store bought angel food cake and cut it up in 
cubes and mix it with strawberries, gelatin and cool whip then put it in
an angel food cake pan and refrigerate until firm and 
then frost it with whipped topping 
and fresh strawberries.  

I just had to make this one.  
I have made an angel food cake before and it was really a simple cake to make.  This recipe on the King Arthur Flour site is also very easy.  There are 12 egg whites in this recipe and I have been very curious to find out if the separating your egg yolks with a water bottle thing really worked!  So I decided to give it a try. 

Here is a tutorial that I found on You Tube.

It worked pretty well I broke one egg yolk trying it but my water 
bottle was kinda flimsy...I need a stronger one.  
Pretty cool, huh?
Although I still like just separating the yolks in my hand.  
Well anyway, back to the cake!  

I baked up beautifully, I let it cool and put it in the freezer while I made the strawberry filling. (Give me a spoon and I could have eaten the entire bowl! LOL!) After the cake froze for a couple of hours, I hollowed out the middle using a grapefruit worked really well!  The frozen cake made this step really easy. The hubby, dog and I tasted the angel food cake scraps....yummy!  I filled and frosted the cake and stuck in the freezer and anxiously awaited for the 2 hours to pass so we could dig in! 

You gotta try this one I know 
this cake has a lot of steps to it...but if you break it up and make the cake the day before and make the filling the day of it is very manageable and really not hard at all. 

We ate this right out of the freezer! 

I wrapped up the rest and into the freezer it went!  Just hope the junky food terrorists leave me alone so I am not tempted to eat the rest!  
Oh my, I am a work in progress!

Until next time...

We sure did enjoy it!  It was a nice 4th of July treat!


  1. Lovely cake! The strawberry and blueberry against the white are perfect for celebrating July 4th. I was thinking along those lines too but then realized I forgot to buy cream.

  2. Your cake looks delicious. Loved the picture with the strawberry and blueberry toppings. Thanks for sharing the video. Looks cool. Will try it

  3. It's a cake that's perfect for celebrations and yours is so pretty with that arrangement of fresh fruit on the top!


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