Sunday, March 15, 2015

ABC: Lemoniest Little Lemon Loaf....NOT!

Perhaps it was the gluten free flour I used but I this loaf was dry and not lemony at all!  It tasted like cornbread with just a hint of lemon flavor to it.  I was extremely disappointed in this one!   

The Avid Baker Challenge bakers are cooking from Scientifically Sweet, and quite frankly, I have not yet been impressed with the recipes.  But again, I did use gluten free flour instead of just all purpose flour so that might be the reason for the dryness, but I used just as much lemon as the recipe called for and I didn't get a huge lemon flavor at all.  The the other bakers seem to have been pleased with the flavor and this recipe.
All I can say is.....Meh!

Oh well, hopefully the brownies will be better!
Next up is Fudgy No Butter Brownies.

Until next time
Be Sweet!
and Enjoy,


  1. I like your post title! May I borrow it?

  2. NIce texture! Good to know this recipe worked with GF flour. Maybe up the lemon zest next. I know I used more than the recipe called for (I didn't measure but it felt like more).


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