Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lemon Shaker Pie: Baked Sunday Mornings

I absolutely adore pie!  
When I saw that the Baked group was making this lemon pie I was so pleased because I have been wanting to make Lemon Shaker Pie for a long time now.  I think this is the first Baked pie I have made.  I missed all the other ones for some reason or the other.  (Oh no, I take that back, I did make the Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie but that had a vanilla wafer crust so I don't think you can count that).  Anyway, this is the first time I have made the Baked pie crust.  I loved how easy it came together and it rolls out beautifully.  It is flaky, buttery and delicious. ( I know because I made pie crust cookies with the leftover crust :D )

To make the filling you thinly slice lemons and let them sit in sugar for 48 hours.  It makes a syrupy marmalade kinda concoction.  Then you are suppose to fish out the lemons and lay them in the crust.  I skipped that part,  I really didn't get my lemons sliced thin enough so I while I was researching this pie I saw that someone put the lemon concoction into a food processor and blended it up some.  So, that is just what I did.  Then I mixed it right in with the eggs, melted butter and the rest of the ingredients and poured it all into my pie crust.

I have not tasted this pie yet, it is still cooling off on my counter....but I am imagining it is delicious!  I will dive into it tomorrow after work and will add another picture and my thoughts on how it tasted.  I am so late, I just want to get my post up.

to be continued....!

It was just a tad bit tart but it sure was a pretty pie!
I think if I would have gotten my lemons sliced paper thin it would have been just right.  Hubby gave it a thumbs up.

You can get the recipe here.
And you can see what the other bakers did here.
Next we will be baking out of the Baked Explorations cookbook and will be doing Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue.  I think I will go rogue that week and try something I missed.

Until then....


  1. I love your pie bird! And - I hope you'll love the pie!

  2. I am so hoping you will love this pie! Hubby had a piece today and likes this pie...maybe I'm too critical? I guess if you like strong flavored pie and love lemons you will totally love this pie. Anyway, your pie is very beautiful...nice baking!

  3. I am thinking I might go rogue again this week, too... I asked Mark on his blog if we all go rogue, is that mutiny? Your pie looks great!


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