Monday, August 19, 2013

Whiskey Peach Upside-Down Cake: Baked Sunday Mornings

Have I ever mentioned how much I love peaches.  I do, I really do.  They are my favorite summertime fruit.  There is a market that sells the most luscious peaches around.  They call them bathtub peaches because they are so juicy you have to eat them in the bathtub!  And yes, they are that juicy!

I have been anticipating this bake for awhile now...when I saw it on our schedule, I just knew I couldn't sit this one out.  I had to bake it!  My evil twin made me do it!  It did not disappoint!  The cake was soft and moist and the peaches were covered with a wonderful caramelised whiskey topping.  I halved the recipe and it turned out really great.  

The recipe suggested that you serve it with whiskey whipped cream.  There was enough whiskey already!!  I opted to serve it with Cincinnati's hometown Graeters Summer Peach ice cream....oh my, so yummy.

Seriously???  I am in peach heaven!

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You can get the recipe here.

Next up is Mile High Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream.
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  1. Oh yum! That looks delicious! This cake was wonderful. I can't wait to make it again (and again).
    I made peach ice cream with my leftover peaches!! Yum!


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